Dust Caps for All Crank Threads


We have dust caps available for all crankset threads!
Standard 22mm, Vintage French TA 23mm & Vintage French Stronglight 23.35mm.  
Dust Caps are available with Polished or Silver Anodised finish in all sizes. There is also Black anodised and even Brass dust caps for Standard 22mm cranks only.
The dust caps have been designed to have better strength and excellent tool fit. 

Standard 22mm:
We now have 3 finishes and 2 designs to choose from.
Polished Alloy, Silver Anodised, Black Anodised and our Premium 'Domed' Dust Caps in Polished Alloy and Polished Brass!
The Premium 'Domed' Caps also have a thicker face. Designed for Jon Williams of Drillium Revival so they can be drilled with ornate patterns. 

These dust caps fit all modern cranks such as Campagnolo, Shimano, Sugino and Paul Components etc.

French Sizes: 
Dust Caps for Vintage Spécialités TA 23mm and Stronglight 23.35mm. Also available are a limited stock of  Original Vintage Stronglight Dust Caps.

If you are unsure about your crankset thread size velobase.com is a fantastic site for looking up the details: http://velobase.com/SearchBasic.aspx

Stronglight 23.35mm Dust Caps
Bespoke Chainrings Alloy Dust Caps to fit Vintage Stronglight cranks with 23.35mm threads. Such as the Stronglight 49d, 63, 93, 99, TS Bis, etc.

Spécialités TA 23mm Dust Caps
The latest edition of the Bespoke Chainrings  Spécialités TA Dust Caps are  polished alloy or Silver Anodised alloy. 
A few sets remain or Chrome Plated steel with laser engraved text. The chrome looks magnificent on all bikes whether the cranks are chrome, polished or simply anodised.
Please remember to check for damaged threads before installation. If damaged chase with an appropriate sized crank extractor first. Do not force dust caps. Also check the condition of your Hex Key tool. 

For buyers in Melbourne feel free to organise an appointment to view or pick up Bespoke Chainrings parts personally and see the Bespoke Chainrings Collection.

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