De Luna Custom Chainrings


There are two editions of the De Luna.
3/32 for small folding bikes like the Brompton, Moulton and recumbents.
1/8th for the big leg sprinters and Motor-paced riders of the track world.
The 60t fits the Brompton perfectly. It is the largest chainring that will fit the Brompton and still allow it to fold correctly. The 60t combined with the Brompton SL2 for example (12t and 16t rear cogs)provides gear inches of 60" and 80". This means that the rider will have the perfect ratio for going slow or uphill, or fast and hard!
Name: De Luna
Size: 60t and 76t
Teeth Width: 3/32 for Brompton and geared bikes or 1/18th for Track.
Teeth Profile: Fixed Gear/Single speed. In the tradition of Motor Paced Stayer bikes this is a big gear for big speeds.
Design Detail: Designed for Lorenzo De Luna this drillium ring presents the moon in all its various sizes as it makes its way across the sky. Or perhaps it's the many moons of one of the planets far away!
Finish: Polished

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